Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gear List

I decided that even though I will be in a few different climates over the next year, that in an effort to travel light and have room for my cameras, I am only packing the things I know I will want/need while I am in Se Asia.  I figure I can acquire other types of gear as I go.  
So here goes, the list as it stands.

Osprey Aura 50L pack
Sea To Summit CoolMax Liner with Insect Shield (in place of a sleeping bag)
Compression Sack for clothing
Wave Leatherman
1 pair of sneakers which I will wear. (probably buy flipflops or sandals in Thailand.)
1 pair of jeans
1 plaid long sleeve for looking "normal"
Haitus Shirt
Harum Scarum Shirt
Auryn Shirt
and maybe 1 "normal" tank top for when being a punk isn't appropriate.
1 skirt
1 pair of leggings or tights
1 hoodie because no matter how hot it is I can't live without it.
1 Rain jacket 
1 small backpack/day bag.
Moleskin Journal
Photocopies of documents
Small Bottle of Dr. Bronner's

Camera Equipment:
Canon 50D
Canon 35mm f/1.4 L lens
4 batteries
Canon Speedlight 
rechargeable batteries
both chargers
Memory Cards
Card Reader
Hasselblad 500c (debated this for awhile because of weight but in the end, my Hassy is my baby and will be well worth it)
Medium format film
Light Meter
LAPTOP (really not excited about this but I can not legitimately edit all of my photos and keep up to date and trying to get my stuff out there if I don't have my laptop and Photoshop)

UGH. I always considered myself to be lo fi and not a gear head but even all this crap is a little overwhelming.  Essentially I will be wearing what I own and my entire pack will be photography related.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hitting the Road Again

On November 22nd I will be leaving Philadelphia and flying one way to Bangkok where I will start what may end up being my Magnum Opus.  I will be tramping  about SE Asia with the intentions of photographing and volunteering my services with various organizations that focus on the betterment of human and animal life.  I am specifically interested in organizations that focus on women's issues and issues that highlight the sustainability of Indigenous cultures.  My goal is to spend the winter in Se Asia and then in the summer of 2011 I will make my way to Mongolia with the intention of herding with Mongolian nomad families.  
I will be using this space to keep interested parties updated into the trials and tribulations of my adventures!
Of course, any help along the way with places to crash are always welcome and appreciated.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A collection of web pages that my photography is used for. Things that pay the rent!