Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farm Party 08

I'm going to jump start this page with August 2008 weekend adventures starting with the Frederick's Farm Party. About two dozen car loads made the trip to the Poconos for a weekend of drinking, fireworks, pony rides, slip n' slides, swimming, and general farm mayhem that is expected when you get 75 of your closes, scummiest friends together.
Friday night ended early for me as I decided to take the route of getting rest rather then staying up till dawn drinking like the others, so that I could partake in the days festivities. At 9 am I stumbled upon a drunk Justin and xKevx trying to make friends with Blakslee's horses.
The Slip N' Slide turned into a huge project, but was a total success, however not without a Donovan injury. Only Donovan has the unique ability to turn fun into some bodily injury.
And I think the rest speaks for itself.

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