Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yard Songs

Photographs that will exhibited for the folloing event
Nexus Foundation, Saturday January 24th 7pm - 10 pmThe Crane Building1400 N. American st, Philadelphia
Yard Songs: A Kensington Requiem for Trains is a musical performance that invokes the ghosts of North Philadelphia's steam locomotives and the people who powered them. A hand-pumped railcar glides down long-abandoned tracks. Workers pound the rails, tapping to life a remembrance of motion and labor. Fractured bits of immigrant folk melodies, found sound, junk percussion, and Morse code all collide and overlap to create a site-specific spectacle of mourning and reflection. What are the ways that old technologies etch us with their memory once they pass into disuse? What are the architectures, rituals, and environments that these technologies serve to create, and what happens to the places and people they've shaped once they disappear? This piece is a lyrical acknowledgement of past times as they may have looked and sounded on a specific street corner. And it is an inquiry into what we had, what we've lost, and we may again regain we hustle and founder towards an uncertain future.

Hobomilitia, 2006

Stone Lion, Roseville Ca, 2004

Hobo Gathering, Dunsmuir Ca, 2004

The Highline, 2006

Northern California, 2004

Gondola, 2006

Montana, 2004

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